Untamed Giant Panda Slot - Review


Updated: 2023.12.20

Discover the excitement of Panda, the newest electronic slot game from Aristocrat at NewsBazaar. This 3-reel, 1-payline game has a $0.05 minimum bet and a $4,500 maximum stake on a single line. It has medium volatility and offers thrilling payout possibilities. The maximum payout is decided by a wager and a combination of symbols that appear during gameplay; there isn’t a progressive jackpot. For even higher payouts, think about raising your stake or soon clicking the maximum bet button.

Game Provider: Aristocrat
Slot Name: Panda
No of Reels: 1
No of Paylines: 3
Min. Bet: 0.2 credit
Max. Bet: 1500 credit
RTP: 95%
Auto Spins: Yes

Bonus & Paytable Icons

Link the adorable panda symbols to win rewards. Bet on just three symbols. Stake up to 350 times on three baby pandas. There is always a payment table available. Even matching three symbols will net you a little cash payout.

  • Newborn Pandas.
  • Adult pandas.
  • Girl pandas.

To win big, match three cute panda cubs in a Panda Magic slot machine. Every symbol has the same meaning. A wager and a combination of symbols determine the payout.

How to play Wild Panda slot machines?

Every slot machine has its own set of rules and strategies and can be played right away. There are several ways to gamble:

  • Select your coin size and bet, then click Β«SpinΒ». To make spins continue, use autoplay.
  • A simple gaming table consists of a spinning wheel with a single payline in the middle. Players should try to combine winning images on this payline. The ultimate goal is to receive financial rewards. By clicking the (+) and (-) icons in the total bet area of a charging bar, Panda can choose which coins to buy.
  • The number of betting coins and a generated combination decide the possible winnings for each player. Decide whether to wager one to three coins. To get more bonuses, a bettor may raise their wager.

Panda slot machine big win

Game Features

Classic Panda slot machines are shallow and don’t have any bonus features like scatters or extra spins. Other comparable games with their own distinctive variations are 2 Can, Buffalo Slot, and Wild Panda.

  • The RTP on Wild Panda is 95%;
  • Panda offers free spins;
  • 3D Panda is a five-reel, 25-payline slot machine.

Deposit-free bonuses: Including a no-deposit bonus in a game makes it more thrilling. Get started with real money gaming here without having to make a minimum deposit. Additional restrictions and conditions typically ensure that no real money is made from these free game offers.

How to win a Panda slot?

Here are some pointers and methods to maximise your 3D Wild Panda slot machine play:

  • Play with greater duration. This raises the likelihood of landing three or more Scatter in a row and starting the bonus round again. These five rounds all seem to be brand-new games.
  • Enjoy a sizable welcome bonus when you play casino games. Operators try to attract clients by offering more benefits and genuinely alluring terms. Certain bonus combinations on video slots will grant a lot of free spins.
  • Play free games to hone your abilities. Consider using free spins to test out slot before investing real money. Play slot bonus rounds; this is a great way to improve skills.
  • Create a budget. Every slot machine has a different paytable that displays the value of each symbol, including the most lucrative one. If a game has wild and scatter symbols, it is also indicated in the paytable.


Like the entertaining Panda Koin slot, Aristocrat’s Panda slot has an enthralling panda theme and thrilling gameplay. It welcomes both casual enthusiasts and ardent players with its delightful graphics and versatile betting range, striking the ideal balance. This game showcases the appeal of panda-themed slots by offering not only aesthetically pleasing experiences but also the possibility of substantial rewards, similar to the thrill of a big win in the Panda slot.


Does playing online slots for real money have to be my thing? FAQ

No. The majority of online casinos provide free downloadable games with a demo option. This also holds true for Wild Panda slot machine. It's imperative to educate yourself on new games, main paylines, and associated regulations before risking real money. But keep in mind that playing for real money is the only way to win for real.

Can the amount I deposit affect the untamed giant Panda slot? FAQ

Bonuses are independent of the amount deposited. Slot machine games are impacted by a player's wager since higher bet levels grant access to exclusive game features.

Can I use my mobile device to play untamed giant panda slot for real money? FAQ

There are an exponential number of great real-money mobile options available. You can play it on an iPhone, an Android phone, etc. Hope a wallet will benefit by logging in from any device in real money mode!

What is the betting range in the Panda slot? FAQ

It's best to check the game information of the particular casino you play at to find out the exact betting range for the Panda slot you're interested in, as this data can vary - from 0.2 to 1500.