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Updated: 2023.09.19

Online ludo games is a procedure prepackaged game got from the well known Indian game in online casino in India! The game is intended to be played by at least two players and comprises a leading body of 4 diversely squared corners around a mismatch track. Players utilize a solitary kick the bucket to propel each of the 4 pawns as per the number moved in a clockwise movement around the track to arrive at the completing square.

Ludo Online Games - Review

This application has numerous dementia-accommodating highlights, for example, huge intuitive components, sound input, auto-prompts for latency and the capacity to control the speed of programmed activitys. The application additionally offers numerous choices to redo interactivity rules relying upon client inclinations. Clients can play against the PC or against human players by choosing from the fundamental menu.

Rules of ludo games:

  • A 6 must be moved to move a piece out from the Headquarters. (varieties of Indian Ludo permits this continue on a 6 or a 1.)
  • Game pieces are moved clockwise around the load up.
  • You can pass assuming no moves are conceivable with the dice number tossed.
  • Pawns can enter the objective on rolls that precisely match the leftover number of steps required.

Figuring out how to play real cash ludo game is simple! You should simply to throw the dice and move your pieces.

2-4 players play a ludo with money game, and the game starts with concluding who goes first. Every player tosses the dice, and the player with the largest number beginnings. Players will then, at that point, take turn clockwise during the rest of the game.

Toward the start of the game, every player will have four game pieces toward the side of their variety. To let a piece out of here, you’ll need to move a six.

Moving a six will permit you to put one of your pieces on the entering square (the one associated with your corner), and afterward throw the dice again to move that part.

Real money ludo games - Payment methods


Paytm is one of India’s most famous internet based installment arrangements today and one that numerous web-based gambling clubs offer accordingly. This is top of payment methods!

The technique is utilized through the UPI installment passage and permits players to move cash securely between their financial balance and the Ludo game they wish to real money Ludo Cash Games.

Google Pay

Like Paytm is Google Pay. Google Pay is most regularly utilized on Android gadgets yet takes care of business on iOS gadgets too.

Like with Paytm, Google Pay is available for stores and withdrawals through UPI at well known Ludo applications and Ludo gambling clubs.

Single-Player Real Money Games India Ludo

The first round of Pachisi has been adjusted somewhat to make an astonishing single-player game ludo online that can be played for genuine cash. Dispersed on the board, there are win multipliers and risk images like skulls.

Here is a gone through of how these online ludo games work.

  • Pick which variety you need to be: green, red, yellow or blue.
  • Select to what lengths you will go for each shot in the dark to cost. This will be fixed all through the ludo with real money game.
  • Click the dice to move it.
  • At the point when you roll a 4 or 6, you can bring a pawn onto the board.
  • On the off chance that you land on a success multiplier, you’re paid the multiplier esteem times your bet size.
  • Go to real cash ludo games amd assuming you land on a peril image, that pawn is killed, and it returns to the beginning.
  • The last block (the triangle in the middle) offers the most noteworthy multiplier payout.

For fledglings, single-player online ludo games are the ideal beginning stage to assist with further developing your playing procedure. The peril squares actually work equivalent to another player arrival on a similar square as you - bringing about your pawn being sent back to the beginning blocks.

Obviously, the disadvantage of gambling club online ludo real money game is that the house enjoys a little benefit. One of the most well known single-player genuine games Ludo was created by M-Play. It has a RTP of 96% - 97%. Consequently, the house edge is 4% - 3%, which is satisfactory albeit not remarkable.

Ludo real cash Multi-Player games

While the basics of online ludo games continue as before, there are a few striking contrasts between single-player and multi-player games, among them are:

There is a set purchase in for most multi-player games. The purchase ins go into the award pool, which is gotten by the champ. For certain games where there are four players, the initial two players to complete for the most part get a payout.

The Ludo board doesn’t have multiplier squares, nor does it have peril squares.

At the point when you land on a beginning involved by a rival, the adversary’s pawn is sent back to its headquarters. This likewise gives you an additional roll.

On the off chance that you land on a square involved by another of your pieces, the two could be converged into 1 (contingent upon the guidelines).

The main player to get every one of their pawns into the triangle in the center is the victor.


What is the best online Ludo game? FAQ

The best online Ludo game depends on personal preference and what features the player is looking for. Some popular options include Ludo King, Ludoking, and Ludo Classic. Ludo King has a large player base and multiple online ludo cash game modes, while Ludoking offers smooth graphics and fast gameplay. Ludo Classic has a traditional look and feel.

How do you play online games ludo? FAQ

To play online Ludo games, choose a game from a reputable platform or app store, install it or open it in your browser, create an account or log in, select a game mode, choose the number of players, and roll the dice to move your pieces. The goal of the game is to move all of your pieces to the finish line before your opponents.

Do I have to download an application to play online Ludo? FAQ

It depends - most club offer a moment play form of this game that you can play straightforwardly from your internet browser. Be that as it may, there are devoted applications also, and these should be downloaded.