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Updated: 2023.11.21

You’ve arrived at the correct spot if you’re searching for fun gaming and huge wins! Spin the wheel with Monopoly Live Tracker, an amazing Evolution internet casino slot that provides tonnes of fun features and enormous payouts. Try the game in the free demo before placing a real bet for a chance to win. Monopoly Live Tracker may be played for free with just a registered HotSlots bank account for casinos and some spare time. Navigate to our gambling hall collection, select a Monopoly Live slot machine in NewsBazaar, and move your cursor over the icon of the game. Was the Β«DEMOΒ» button visible to you? Click to start playing the Monopoly Live game for nothing!

Game Provider: Evolution
Slot Name: Monopoly Live
No of Paylines: 6
Min. Bet: 0.01 coins
Max. Bet: 2500 coins
Max. Payout: 500 000 coins
RTP: 96.23%

The guidelines for using Monopoly Live

The innovative Monopoly Live slots games software combines features of the popular board game Monopoly and Money Wheel.

The main rules of the game are as follows:

  • Recognise the Goal: Gamers attempt to predict which section, following each rotation, the wheel positioned vertically will halt on.
  • Bet: Prior to every spin, participants wager on one or more of the wheel’s numbered segments.
  • The Wheel Spins: Live presenter rotates the portion of the wheel that determines when the bets stop.
  • There are two ‘Chance’ sections on the wheel. When you touch down on the Chance section., you have the opportunity to earn either a multiplication bonus or cash.
  • Extra Round: Mr. Monopoly moves over a three-dimensional Monopoly board in the extra game, gathering multipliers, fines, or prizes. The bonus game determines how many dice rolls are required based on whether the wheel falls on Β«2 RollsΒ» or Β«4 RollsΒ».
  • Multiplier Effect: The earnings are multiplied by the factor awarded from a Chance segment if a win is made on the next spin.
  • Rewards: The rewards are determined by the segment at which the wheel comes to a standstill. If you land in the ‘5’ sector, for example, you win 5 to 1.
  • Playing Sensibly: Just like with any other betting activity, it’s critical to play sensibly by monitoring your expenditures and sticking to your own spending restrictions.

Monopoly Live slot machines

Payouts for Monopoly Live Symbols

A fascinating blend of genuine casino action in the timeless board game, Monopoly real provides a wide range of symbols & prizes that enhance the gameplay. The wheel’s numbered segments, which are 1, 2, 5, & 10, are the main symbols. Each section offers a distinct payment based on its number. Segment 10 pays at a greater rate of 10:1, whilst betting on segment 1 pays out at 1:1. In addition, the game has ‘Chance’ sections that give out cash rewards or random multipliers, and ‘2 Rolls’ and ‘4 Rolls’ sections that start a 3D bonus game. In the bonus game, participants move around a virtual Enjoy a game of Monopoly while gathering multipliers and rewards. A wide range of reward structures and symbols combine to increase the excitement and potential winnings in Monopoly Live Tracker, providing gamers with an engaging involvement in games.


  • Monopoly Live Symbols and Payments: The game’s diverse array of icons and payments heightens the stakes for exhilarating action.
  • Playing at Online Casinos: Monopoly Live Tracker is available at a variety of online casinos. Just log up, launch the game, and choose between the free demo and real money betting.
  • Strategies to Win: You can improve your chances of winning by being aware of the game’s mechanics and by placing strategic bets.

Monopoly Live casino

Enter the world of Monopoly Live with our guide to casino games

Numerous internet casinos allow gamers to play Monopoly Live Tracker, and each has its own features and bonuses.

Wild Casino

Wild Casino: Well-liked by US gamers, Wild Casino offers a large assortment of slots in addition to excellent live dealer games. They have a sizable welcome bonus and a crypto-friendly platform that accepts numerous payment options.

Slots of Vegas Casino

This casino appeals to gamers since it gives out free spins and a sizable bonus. It’s a terrific spot to engage in live casino games such as Monopoly because it has a high payout percentage and a little deposit requirement.

Lucky Red Casino

Lucky Red Casino is a fantastic alternative for playing Monopoly Live Tracker, and it also has a decent bonus and free chip offer. They guarantee a thorough casino experience with their array of gaming options and impressive payout percentage.


Delving into the Monopoly Live History uncovers a narrative of innovation and excitement that has reshaped the landscape of Monopoly Live Casino experiences. This game masterfully weaves the timeless allure of Monopoly with the dynamic energy of modern internet casinos, emerging as a top pick for digital gaming aficionados. It’s a vibrant tapestry of entertainment and opportunity, characterized by its impressive payouts, robust RTP, and the allure of being available 24/7. Monopoly Live is not just a game β€” it’s a portal to both fun and potential fortune, encapsulating the evolution and thrill of casino gaming.


What Particularly Makes Monopoly Live a Unique Gaming Experience? FAQ

Evolution's cleverly designed Monopoly Live cleverly combines the popular board game Monopoly with the vibrant and dynamic realm of casino gaming. This creative combination produces a distinct and captivating gaming experience that appeals to fans of board games as well as those who play casinos.

Is there a Monopoly Live version that is free to play? FAQ

Indeed, you can play Live Monopoly at several online casinos without having to use money to put bets.

How Does Monopoly Live Reimagine the Classic Monopoly Board Game for the Digital Age? FAQ

For the digital age, Monopoly Live reinvents the classic board game Monopoly by adding an exciting new element. This casino adaption offers a new and dynamic gaming experience that deviates from the format of the classic board game. Its core features are a live, interactive spinning wheel and strategic betting aspects.

Can Players Craft a Masterful Strategy for Triumph in Monopoly Live? FAQ

Participants can tip the odds in their favour even though there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to winning in Monopoly Live. Through a thorough understanding of the game's mechanics and practise with the free demo version, players can develop tactics that may improve their odds of winning by fusing strategy with skill.