Gold Wolf


Updated: 2023.08.30

Like lightning from a clear sky, the Wolf Gold slot game has won the hearts of players around the world. It has been one of the most played games at online casinos since its release. With vibrant graphics, exciting bonuses and a chance to win big, Gold Wolf promises you an unforgettable adventure.

Feature Description
Slot name wolf gold
Manufacturer For example: Pragmatic Play
Subject Wildlife, wolves
Number of reels 5
Number of lines 25
Symbols Wolves, eagles, moons, canyons, etc.
Special characters Wild, Scatter
Bonus Rounds Yes (eg free spins)
Mobile version Yes
Return percentage About 96% (may vary)
Max win For example: 5,000 bet multiplier
Features Respins with moon symbols, progressive jackpot

How to play Wolf Gold slot

Gold Wolf is one of the most popular slots, attracting players with its wild nature atmosphere and interesting bonuses. If you are not familiar with this game yet or are just starting your journey into the world of slots, this article is for you!

Wolf Gold slot

Understanding the interface

Before starting the game, it is important to familiarize yourself with the interface. On the screen you will see:

  • The “Start” or “Spin” button that spins the reels.
  • Buttons “+” and “-” for setting rates.
  • Pay table, where all symbols and their coefficients are indicated.

Selecting a bet

You must choose the stake size before each spin. The matching buttons let you increase or decrease your bet. A larger bet can bring more winnings, but the risk of losing more is also higher.

Launching the game

Press the spin button to begin the game after selecting your wager. On the off chance that a winning combination shows up on the screen, you’ll get the associated award.

Wolf Gold slot symbols and payouts

The Gold Wolf game offers players a variety of symbols, each with its own payout ratio. Let’s look at some of them:

Symbol 3 in a row 4 in a row 5 in a row
Wolf (Wild) 50 200 500
Bison 40 150 300
Eagle 30 100 200
Horse 20 90 150
Fox 15 80 120
Ace 10 40 100
King (King) 5 20 80
Queen (Queen) 4 18 60
Jack (Jack) 3 15 50
10 2 10 40
Scatter (Moon) - - Special Prize

Special characters

  • Wolf (Wild): Substitutes for any other symbol (except Scatter) to help form winning combinations.
  • Scatter (Moon): Three or more of these symbols will trigger bonus spins.

It’s vital to remember that these odds are approximations and could change based on the casino and the game’s version. It is usually a good idea to review the paytable for a specific website or game before you start playing.

Wolf Gold slot

Pros and cons of Wolf Gold slot

Like any other slot, Gold Wolf has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at what makes this slot special, and what points players may have doubts about:

Pros Cons
High return rate: about 96%. Cons
Theme of the Wild West: unique and atmospheric design of the game. Classic Gameplay: May seem a little too traditional for some.
Variety of symbols: a large selection of symbols makes the game interesting. Limited number of lines: only 25 betting lines.
Bonus Rounds: Lots of bonus rounds increase your chances of winning. Not available in all regions: License restrictions may apply in some countries.
Mobile adaptation: the game is optimized for mobile devices.

The India Gambling Commission has granted the slot maker, in this case Pragmatic Play, a licence, enabling it to make its games available to players in the India.

However, it is always recommended to check the India Gambling Commission website or online casino of your choice before playing for the latest information.

Where to Play Gold Wolf Slot

The Wolf Gold slot by Pragmatic Play has been increasingly popular among players throughout the globe, and many online casinos now include it in their selection of games. Following are some well-known and reputable online casinos where you may play Wolf Gold if you decide to give this slot a try:



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Mobile version

The Wolf Gold slot from Pragmatic Play has a high quality of adaptation for mobile devices. Due to this, it is the ideal option for those who like to play slots on the go.

To start playing in the mobile version of Wolf Gold, you just need to open the site of your chosen online casino in the browser of your mobile device or download a specialized application if it is provided by the casino. Then find the Wolf Gold slot in the games catalog and start spinning the reels!


Gold Wolf slot from Pragmatic Play is not just another game in the range of online casinos. This is a slot that combines an exciting Wild West theme, bright and high-quality graphics, as well as a number of interesting features that can attract the attention of both beginners and experienced players.

Its adaptation for mobile devices makes the game even more accessible, allowing you to enjoy the process anytime, anywhere. Despite some downsides, such as the traditional gameplay, the benefits of the game definitely outweigh. From bonus rounds to high payback percentages, Wolf Gold offers players plenty of opportunities to play in an exciting and profitable way.


What is the Gold Wolf Slot? FAQ

Wolf Gold is a popular Wild West themed slot from Pragmatic Play where players can win various bonuses and jackpots.

Can I use a mobile device to play Wolf Gold slot? FAQ

Yes, Wolf Gold slot is optimized for mobile devices and is supported on most modern smartphones and tablets.

What is the return on bet percentage (RTP) of the slot? FAQ

The return on bet percentage (RTP) for Wolf Gold slots tends to hover around 96%, but it is recommended to check this information on the site of a particular casino.

Are there bonus rounds in Gold Wolf? FAQ

Yes, the slot has several bonus rounds, including free spins and mini-games that increase the chances of big wins.