Oceanic Bonuses at Gold Fish Slot


Updated: 2024.01.12

Dive headfirst into the electrifying universe of the Gold Fish slot machine, a captivating casino gem adorned with vibrant coral landscapes and a pulsating tropical soundtrack. Crafted by the illustrious game developer WMS, now a cornerstone of Scientific Gaming, this slot machine made waves in the online gambling sphere before staking its claim in the digital frontier.

Game Provider: WMS Gaming
Slot Name: Gold Fish
No of Reels: 5
No of Paylines: 25
Min. Bet: 0.01 credit
Max. Bet: 5 credit
Max. Payout: 200x
RTP: 96%
Auto Spins: Yes

The Mesmerizing Theme and Music of Gold Fish

Get fully immersed in the serene submerged realm of the Gold Fish casino NewsBazaar slot games, where the melody of gentle steel drums complements the visual splendor of a sprawling digital fish tank. This game is a bright underwater odyssey, featuring an array of sea creatures such as coral reefs, crabs, turtles, a kaleidoscope of fish including Π° unique clown fish, a fish that resembles an angel, a fish in gold coloring & their turquoise & lilac tropics counterparts. The inhabitants of the seas persist static until a player strikes a coil or triggers a bonus, bringing the undersea realm to life. While the game risks monotony without its frequent bonus rounds, these segments add a burst of energy as the fish animatedly dance and dive across the screen. Despite the somewhat pixelated appearance of the fish, a reminder of the game’s vintage, the charm of the Gold Fish still manages to captivate and enchant its user.

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Riding the Waves of Fortune: RTP and Volatility Explored

The Gold Fish casino slot machines, a glistening gem in the world of digital game, operates on the intriguing principles of Return-to-Player and volatility. RTP, a crucial metric in the slot universe, represents the proportion of wagered money a slot is designed to pay back to its players with time. For the Gold Fish, this figure gleams at a striking 96%, placing it comfortably above the mean for slots played online.

Venturing into the realm of volatility, also known as variance or pay frequency, this concept dictates how frequently and how grand the payouts from a slot are. High volatility slots are akin to treasures found underwater, rarely surfacing but offering life-altering rewards as soon as they. On the flip side, low variance games, much like a school of tiny fish, provide regular but smaller wins. The Gold Fish slots excel in offering a balanced submerged expedition, where wins, ranging from modest sums to substantial bounties, occur frequently through winning bonuses and paylines. This makes the Gold Fish casino slot, along with its free video game counterpart, a preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a mix of frequent incentives & the thrill of prospective big wins.

The Way to Win

Unveiling the secrets to triumph in space of Gold Fish slot game, where aquatic riches await those who dare to venture. The ultimate jackpot, a treasure trove of unimaginable proportions, is unlocked by the elusive quintet of golden fish. These enigmatic creatures hold the key to a payout that can swell to an astonishing 10,000 several times your initial bet, potentially transforming your fortunes into a staggering $1,050,000. The fish that gold, versatile and cunning, assumes the role of a Wild, capable of substituting for any other icon, save for the Scatter - shown by a tantalizing container of fish food.

But that’s not all; the underwater exploration continues with the fish food icons, the second harbinger of substantial rewards. Landing 5 of these delectable morsels on coils yields a magnificent payout of 2,500 times your initial bet, a catch worth pursuing.

To unlock the treasures beneath the waves, participants need to align at least 3 identical signs, excluding shiner fish and food, along the payout strips. However, fortune truly favors the bold, as the added benefit of competition in Gold Fish slot machine provides an additional pathway to monumental victories and freespins. Dive in & let the submerged realm of Gold Fish reveal its riches to those with the courage to explore its profundities.


Gold Fish is a nice reel game & successfully brings the land base title into the virtual gaming portal games genre. We liked the additional features a lot, they were fun, exciting & awarding. It is easy to comprehend why the game has a devoted fanbase, Gold Fish offers something to all types of participant. Highly recommended – but beware, you can become a fan too.


How to get free coins in Gold Fish simulator? FAQ

To win any free coins in Gold Fish, gamers must get either the bonus game or the Fish feature. Based atop the fish that surfaces, participants can win free coins that are credited to their in-game funds.

Is it possible for me to download Gold Fish? FAQ

Of course, gamers can enjoy the variety of Gold Fish by downloading the Gold Fish app. The application works compatible with both Android & iPhone smartphones.

Is it possible for me to play my favourite Gold Fish slot at an virtual casino? FAQ

Of course, Gold Fish slots are still reachable to players at some internet platform. Select a casino website that has a large selection of games in order to locate a Gold Fish.

On Windows PCs and Macs, how can I play Gold Fish? FAQ

To play Gold Fish feeding time slot on your PC or Mac, start by downloading BlueStacks and clicking on Β«Play Gold Fish Casino on PC.Β» After installing BlueStacks, log in to the Google Play Store, launch the application, and start enjoying the game seamlessly on your computer.