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Football Studio for real money

Updated: 2023.11.13

The newest creation from Evolution Gaming, Football Studio Slots in NewsBazaar, will allow you to feel the excitement of the game. This game delivers a thrilling fusion of the quick-paced thrill of football and the allure of instant wins found in slot machines. As part of Evolution Gaming’s diverse portfolio, Football Studio Live immerses players in an electrifying gaming atmosphere where every spin can lead to victory. With generous payouts and enticing bonuses, this game invites you to place your bets and predict the winning outcomes with a unique football twist. Dive into the action and feel the adrenaline as you navigate through this engaging casino experience.

Game Provider: Evolution
Slot Name: Football Studio
No of Paylines: 6
Min. Bet: 0.2 coins
Max. Bet: 500 coins
RTP: 96.27%

Football Studio Success: Start to Finish

The Football Studio casino game is a distinctive casino experience that mixes the thrill of a deck of cards with the thrill of a football match. Set against a backdrop of an actual game updates, analysis, players are invited to place bets on one of two outcomes – Home win or Away win – or on a Draw, with payouts depending on the result of the drawn cards.


The word ‘icons’ has a different meaning in Soccer Studio than it does in a slot. Rather, the primary means of determining wins in this game is through the use of playing cards. The 52 cards in the deck are the only ‘symbols’ that you will deal with; they have no additional meaning beyond their face value when it comes to forming winning combinations.


Football Studio Evolution Gaming deviates from the conventional pattern of online slot games by not using paylines. Rather, the outcome of 2 cards dealt on a table—one representing the ‘Home’ team and the other the ‘Away’ team—represents the outcome of this live dealer card game, with participants putting bets on either of these two outcomes or a draw. The payout schedule is simple: winning bets on whether at home or away will normally pay out at a ratio of 1:1, while winning bets on a Draw can pay out at a greater rate—typically at an 11:1 ratio—as long as the two cards chosen are of the same rank.

Football Studio slot machines


The RTP of 96.27% is fairly high for this type of game, suggesting that players have a decent chance of winning in the long run. Football Studio casino wide betting range, which extends from 0.20 to 500, makes it accessible to participants on a variety of budgets.

Approach recommendations

  • Live Football Studio is a really simple game. Each round, you have to bet on either the home team to win, the away team to win, or a draw.
  • Then, two face-up cards—one for the home team and one for the visitors—are arranged on the table shaped like a soccer field. The highest card determines the winner.
  • The aces are the oldest cards in the deck, while the remaining cards are arranged in the standard sequence from the king to the deuce, which is the youngest.
  • The top card in this game always wins; suit is irrelevant. You will be paid 11:1 if you bet on a draw and two identical cards are dealt.
  • At the conclusion of each gaming round, winnings are distributed in accordance with the winning wagers.

Football Studio slot

Features of the match:

Football Studio Live Casino offers players an intense gaming session by combining the excitement of live football commentary with the ease of card betting.

  • Dealer in real time dialogue featuring football comments.
  • Simple to pick up and play quickly.
  • Good RTP in a game with a live dealer.
  • Possibility of large wins on draw wagers.
  • A table featuring a football pitch motif and an easy-to-use interface.
  • Real-time statistics and game history for focused wagering.


Football Studio is a distinct live card game that stands out for its gameplay centred around football and its simple appearance. It may not have the intricacy or feature-rich gameplay of more complex casino games, but it nevertheless offers a welcome change of pace for those seeking a traditional betting experience with a sports touch.It’s a terrific choice for those who enjoy both casino games and football if you’re searching for a fast-paced, social engagement with video games. As always, Evolution Football Studio offers a lively and entertaining live casino experience for those who choose to bet responsibly. responsibly.


Which betting method works well Football Studio? FAQ

A good way to approach Football Studio is to recognise that it's a pure chance game, similar to baccarat. Effective bankroll management is the best method because the results are totally random. Set and adhere to boundaries for your wins and losses. If a player has been winning a lot, they might decide to wager on Home or Away, but statistically speaking, every round stands alone from the previous one. Consequently, the most crucial tactic is to gamble sensibly and never wager more than you can afford to lose.

In the context of gambling entertainment, could you elaborate on the meaning of the term 'studio soccer'? FAQ

At the gaming sites, themed games with live dealers, such as Football Studio, are referred to as 'studio soccer'. This is a card game that takes place in a specialized room and simulates a soccer match rather than a virtual sport. Fans of the sport can get extra gameplay from this live dealer game, which combines the excitement of betting with real match commentary.

What sets Unibet's Live Football Studio apart from other online gaming environments? FAQ

The fact that Unibet is known for offering knowledge, customer care and a top-notch user experience makes Unibet Live Football Studio stand out. Gamers at Unibet may access Football Studio with the assurance of a trustworthy platform, often with the possibility of special offers, bonuses, or competitions centred on the games. Unibet might also provide customized features and interfaces to improve gaming and navigation.

How has Football Studio evolved since its release? FAQ

The fundamental gameplay of Studio Football has not changed since its release, but Evolution Gaming's live gaming experience has been improved. More interactive elements have been added to the game recently, such as real-time match updates, feedback, which improves immersion. To maintain a dynamic and enjoyable gameplay experience, Evolution Gaming is renowned for regularly updating its live games with enhanced graphics and sounds.